About Us

Our Vision: Rebuild the backbone of American business with NCOs and junior enlisted veterans. We think that these young leaders are exactly the talent businesses need to fill their hard-to-fill “middle skills” supervisor, manager, and skilled technician jobs, but they are likely to be the most undervalued workers.

The Problem:
Employers face too many obstacles to find and keep the veteran talent to fill these positions. This adds unnecessary friction to a hiring system that already under-employs veterans. We can’t fill a skills gap - over 7 million unfilled middle-skills jobs in the US - without leveraging all available talent.

Our Strategy: Remove the friction of hiring these veterans, with an open employment marketplace that is free for both veterans and employers, and democratize data about every decision and transaction to enable veterans to plan and execute personalized career plans.

Our Solution:
We are building an “open platform” where employers come to find veteran talent and where veterans use our unified workflow engine to share and shape their story, learn from others, and make data-driven decisions. Employers and veterans use our platform at no cost. Our software enables:

A note about data: We are committed to protecting your data and respecting what you share with us. Except for your personally identifiable information, however, you should expect that we are organizing your information for the benefit of other veterans and that we are conducting data analysis to sell consulting services to employers, providers of training and education, non-profit organizations and government agencies so that they can develop and provide better services for you, our veteran users.  

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What we do:

Create middle-skills talent


Partner with talent sources

We partner with talent sources like public university systems and private non-profit colleges with high number of drop outs.

Engage their talent

We engage talent by providing mentorship, training, and monitoring their progress and needs over time.

Match talent to employers

We work with employers willing to fresh talent fill their middle-skills jobs and provide the support to ensure success.

Curate their first 3 years

We curate on the job by finding the optimal path through available opportunites for education, training and employments