Our vision is to create the NCO backbone for American business.

Join a tribe that values you for your potential.

We upskill high-potential veteran talent, provide peer mentorship and data driven career guidance, and place you on career tracks that help you unlock your value. Sign up to find out about our tuition assistance program.

For Veterans

The job market is hungry for your talent, but can be difficult to navigate. We are looking for veterans who want careers that fully leverage their leadership, ability to learn new skills, and experience in dynamic and stressful environments, not just their MOS or skill identifier.

We are engaging employer partners and staffing partners that have positions they need to fill now. Currently focused around greater Boston and the New England area.

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What we do:

Create middle-skills talent


Partner with talent sources

We partner with talent sources like public university systems and private non-profit colleges with high number of drop outs.

Engage their talent

We engage talent by providing mentorship, training, and monitoring their progress and needs over time.

Match talent to employers

We work with employers willing to fresh talent fill their middle-skills jobs and provide the support to ensure success.

Curate their first 3 years

We curate on the job by finding the optimal path through available opportunites for education, training and employments

The Problem

The Process Diagram

There is a critical shortage of skilled managers, supervisors, and technicians - the core of the workforce that enables businesses to grow and adapt to new market conditions. Employers are paying premiums for these positions. This is the skills gap - 7 million unfilled jobs in the US, and climbing.

Our Vision

Create the NCO backbone for American business with veterans that have the talent, motivation, and ability to learn new skills, but might lack a bachelor’s degree.

Our Solution

Optimal Path Diagram

Our solution is a re-imagined staffing service. We are building a platform at the intersection of Staffing, EdTech, and Big Data to tap into underutilized sources of talent, upskill them, and match them to jobs where there is very high unfilled demand. We use Big Data to plot individual career paths, and pay for EdTech to deliver the education and credentials to satisfy the qualifications desired by employers.

Our Team

A veteran-owned veteran staffing business

Steve Chang - CEO

  • Military Recruiting
  • Special Ops Assessment and Selection
  • Wharton

Nunzi Sapuppo - COO

  • Corporate partnerships
  • College admissions interviewer
  • Harvard